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How to create chatbot?

Here are four simple steps to easily deploy your bot.


Upload data files

Involves selecting and securely uploading files from your chosen storage solution to the bot's memory for subsequent analysis.

Comprehensive AI Chatbot Creator toolkit

Create your own Custom ChatGPT, perfectly tailored to your needs to answer any question and perform complex functions

Intuitive interaction

Improved user interface

Construct your chatbot effortlessly with minimal clicks. The interface is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, catering to users without a technical background. Businesses of all sizes can now harness the power of AI with our platform.

Thinkstack AI chatbot can automate the regular routine task
Efficiency boost

Automation of routine tasks

Our live AI chatbot can automate tasks like raising support tickets, answering ticket-specific details, setting up meetings, making CRM entries, streamlining operations, and reducing manual workload.

Thinkstack AI chatbot can automate the regular routine task
Insights that work

Advanced AI-powered analytics

Your chatbot collects data on customer interactions to identify user engagement patterns and customer pain points, provide better chat support and gather feedback.

Thinkstack AI chatbot can automate the regular routine task

Powerful AI Models

Explore diverse AI models, including selections such as GPT-3.5-turbo and GPT-4.


Select a logo, theme colors, and provide a unique message that aligns with your brand identity.


Seamlessly integrate your chatbot with various tools through Zapier, like salesforce, Hubspot etc.

Lead Generation

Elevate your lead generation efforts with our innovative chatbot platform.

Multiple Data Sources

Aggregate data from various sources to train your chatbot

90+ Languages

Engage your customers in their preferred language, even if your data is in a different language.

Privacy & Security

Your data is protected on secure servers with powerful encryption and stringent access regulations.


Your chatbot has the capability to adapt its personality and communication style according to your preferences and needs.

Omni-channel engagement

Effortlessly connect with numerous apps and services, enhancing operational efficiency and user experience.


Why Thinkstack’s AI Chatbot Maker?


Integrated branding

Adjust your chatbot personality as per your brand guidelines. Use custom ChatGPT-like prompts to fine-tune your bot characteristics. Plus, add your brand logo, colour and iconography to deploy a fully personalized AI chatbot.


Tailored natural language conversations

Intuitive AI-powered customer service interactions adapted to diverse customer needs and preferences per date, time, geography, profile, and language.


Language versatility

Make your AI chat support inclusive and accessible in 50+ languages.

AI Chatbot Solutions For All Customer-facing Industries

Intuitive human-like AI conversation bots for customer service, client support,lead generation, and team communications.

Ai chatbot solutions  for healthcare

Solutions for healthcare

Struggling with a huge number of appointment bookings? Thinkstack's AI assistant chatbot can help your patients with service recommendations, scheduling, emergency support and triaging.

AI chatbot solutions for Saas

Solutions for SaaS

Real-time troubleshooting is no longer a pain, thanks to our intelligent chatbot that helps with queries on the go.

AI chatbot solution for banking

Solutions for banking

Financial advice help? Let your fully-branded AI assistant your customers’ first point of contact. From loan advising to branch locating, this bot can do it all.

AI chatbot solution for retail

Solutions for retail

Enhance your customer satisfaction like never before by solving routine inquiries and intelligent triaging.

Real-time AI support at your fingertips

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