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How to create chatbot?

Here are four simple steps to easily deploy your bot.


Upload data files

Involves selecting and securely uploading files from your chosen storage solution to the bot’s memory for subsequent analysis.

Use Thinkstack to make the healthcare experience hassle-free

Here's how you can use our chatbot to create a systematic way to handle your healthcare support with ease:

AI medical assistant

Offer exceptional first-line support to your patients by assisting in areas like consultation scheduling, answering patient queries, and mediating telehealth interactions.

  • Grief support
  • Palliative care companion
  • Teletherapy guide
  • Support community mobilisation

Patient education

Empower patients with on-demand and informative healthcare content. Reduce the stress on your human staff by allowing your healthcare chatbot to offer generic wellness advice or inform patients about medical risks & legal compliances.

  • Basic health advice
  • Medical procedures
  • Medication Information
  • Post-discharge instructions

Emotional support

Make a virtual companion that demonstrates human-like empathy. Let your AI medical assistant be a compassionate listener or extend practical solutions like offering access to bereavement hotlines.

  • Grief support
  • Palliative care companion
  • Teletherapy guide
  • Support community mobilisation

Emergency response assistance

Use the power of artificial intelligence to reduce emergency reaction time. Let your medical chatbot obtain information and relay it to the right EMR team or provide on-the-spot first responder training like CPR techniques.

  • Connecting to emergency services
  • Guidance on first-response

The Thinkstack AI Chatbot Advantage for Healthcare

Here is what makes our chatbot different in ways that make interactions easier!


Easy to build, embed anywhere

Build your bot with zero coding knowledge. Train your bot using different sources (online and stored documents, and manual Q&As). Embed the Thinkstack-generated chatbot code on any app or website.


Custom branding

Personalise your AI medical assistant with the brand logo and brand colours. Train your chatbot as per your brand values and conversational tones.


Advanced integration

Seamlessly integrate with a variety of applications and services, improving operational effectiveness.



Talk to your patients in 50+ different languages to make your healthcare services widely accessible.

Industries we serve

One or two, we have reasons more than just a few! But, here is what you must know.

AI chatbot solutions for Saas

Solutions for SaaS

Real-time troubleshooting is no longer a pain, thanks to our chatbot that helps with queries on the go!

AI chatbot solution for banking

Solutions for banking

Financial advice help? Let Thinkstack AI be your guide! From account creation assistance to investment tidbits, this bot can do it all

AI chatbot solution for retail

Solutions for retail

Create a shopping experience like no other using our live chatbot, leading to ROI on interactions.
AI chatbot solution for corporate

Solutions for corporate

Keep your employees up-to-date with updates such as upcoming holidays, company events, product launch dates, and more.

Optimise your patient support with a few clicks.

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

What is an AI chatbot in healthcare?

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An AI chatbot in healthcare is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to interact with patients, healthcare providers, or medical staff. It assists in various healthcare-related tasks and inquiries.

Can AI chatbots provide medical diagnoses?

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AI chatbots can offer preliminary symptom assessments and general health information but are not a substitute for professional medical advice or diagnosis. They can recommend seeking help from a healthcare provider.

How accurate are AI chatbots in providing medical information?

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The accuracy of AI chatbots depends on their training data and algorithms. They can provide reliable general information but should not be solely relied upon for critical medical decisions.

Are AI chatbots in healthcare cost-effective for healthcare providers?

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Many healthcare providers find AI chatbots cost-effective because they can reduce administrative costs, enhance patient engagement, and streamline processes like appointment scheduling and follow-ups.

Can I customize the bot to fit my brand’s voice and style? 

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Yes. With Thinkstack, you can fully customize your AI chatbots for healthcare. You can train the chatbot with your business specifics to develop a brand-exclusive bot persona that aligns with your brand’s voice and style.

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